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Card Service Group, a Consult & Associates company, spans 24 years of products and service to retail, corporate, technology, and eCommerce customers around the country. Our business is people. The relationships we have span our twenty-two years in business. First, let us share with you the people that run this company. Each one of them has spent their respective careers helping customers. In this era of technology changing each day, we take the time to evaluate your needs and design the right products and services for you.

Clifford Evens President

Clifford Evens


  • President, YTCI. #1 Contractor to Sprint

  • President, YTI. #1 Pacific Bell Vendor in California

  • President / Founder ACTA Association

  • CEO Consult & Associates, Inc., Data, Network, and Business Consulting

  • "First, thank you to our customers. I am very lucky to be surrounded by the people in this company that make it possible to serve you. The focus in my career has been technology. Money has become integrated with all our technology, that is why your security is our first priority. One serious breach can all but ruin a company or any merchant. I hope to share the products available to help us create a more secure, fast, and economical business future."

JD Salbego

JD Salbego

Patner Crypto and Gaming

  • Owner and CEO

  • CEO Legion Ventures

  • Worldwide Speaker and advisor in 145 Currency Markets.  Specializing in Blockchain, Crypto Exchange Trading, NFT and Gaming.

  • Malta Gaming Partner

  • Global Transfer. Digital Wallet. Crypto to Cash.

  • "Partnering with CSG has been an answer to the migration of digital currencies to conventional credit and debit card services worldwide. Great people."

Lauren Michelle Evens

Lauren Michelle Keller

Senior VP Card Service Group

  • Top sales woman Western Region Pitney Bowes.

  • Secretary / Exec VP. Consult & Associates, Inc.

  • Senior VP Card Service Group.

  • Specializing in Medical and Restaurant Design.

  • General Retail.

  • Liaison to Paysafe, fiserve, Tsys.

  • ​"I started as a waitress when I was young. My entire career has been about filling clients needs. I learned early on that it is all about people and servicing their needs."

M. Stone

M. Stone

Director of Retail Sales

  • Director of Merchant Sales Bank of America.

  • Director of Merchant Sales Wells Fargo Bank.

  • Owner MS Group Consulting Services.

  • Serving Online Retail Services and Mobile

  • ​"I sold cost for many years, but I learned it was all about service. Taking time to really understand a customer's needs makes long relationships which benefit everyone."

Michael Knibbs

Michael Knibbs

Director of Group Sales

  • Phone Sales Sports Equipment.

  • Director or Revgear Sports Co.

  • Group Sales Director. Card Service Group

  • "I am newer to the merchant card business than the other executives here. What I am not new to is people. Whatever the product or service I offer I have one thing in mind. That is to establish a long relationship by doing a great job."

Scott Landers

Scott Landers

CEO of Travel Masters Company

  • Over 25 years in Agency Travel, Airline Booking and Travel Management

  • Over 8,000 customers

  • Specializing in Travel Merchants, Rent A Car, Agency booking, airline and destination planning

  • "At CSG, I can take care of the companies, like myself, which work in the travel business. All of us here know it's about people. I truly enjoy helping companies create faster and safer methods of merchant services in a very specialized industry."

Dylan Melton.png

Dylan Melton

CEO Link Brothers, Inc.

  • Link Brothers, Inc specializes in high end Restaurants and Bars POS, TV, and Audio Installations and Service.

  • His knowledge of the technical side of these systems, as well as Merchants Services, makes for a valuable addition to our family.​

  • "Helping people understand in simple terms the products and service available to them is very satisfying. We forge a great relationship."

Ben Erdreich.png

Benjamin D. Erdreich

CEO Comatopia Entertainment.

Director Corporate Accounts.

  • Entertainment Industry company specialty

  • Large and small corporate management

  • Production Software manager Programs

  • Employee Management Systems

  • "Working in the entertainment business means one thing. Speed. Get it working, and get it now. My goal is always to make sure the products meet the application, but getting there on time is an absolute necessity. CSG are ‘Great’ people."

Charlie Evens.jpg

Charlie Evens

CSG Ad Marketing

  • CBS Television. Digital DVD Author

  • Deluxe Film. Digital Asset Manager, Samsung.

  • Coyote Productions. Concert booking.

  • Associated Television. Media Coordinator

  • BuzzyBooth. Directory of National Advertising

  • “My career so far has been working with people. I really enjoy people in general, and if you catch my last name, I guess its no surprise. I hope to meet many of you in the years to come”.

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